I’m pleased that last week the legislature overwhelmingly approved the $2 million I sought for badly needed Murrells Inlet dredging. Many of the channels have silted in and are no longer navigable except at higher tides. Our economy hinges on boating and fishing, which requires navigable channels and good, clean water flow to foster our fisheries.

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I’m also pleased and thankful for the successful 38th annual Murrells Inlet Boat Parade on July 4th. As a co-chair of the parade, it was great to see outstanding participation and turnout on such a beautiful Independence Day. Over the years, the parade has raised tens of thousands of dollars through T-shirt sales to benefit the local Boy Scout troop. This year nearly 3,000 parade T-shirts were sold.

As the legislative session has ended for the year, I wanted to make you aware of these major accomplishments:

  • Passed the most conservative budget in South Carolina history, funding only the essential functions, while protecting taxpayers and preparing for weather or health-related disasters.
  • Lowered taxes by passing a conformity bill to streamline the state and federal tax code and a bill that allows South Carolina’s small businesses higher tax deductions to be on an equal playing field with big corporations.
  • Passed a bill to ensure elections are run fairly across the state by prescribing a consistent process to ensure elections are uniform across all 46 counties, along with accountability measures.
  • Passed a Santee Cooper Reform Bill that puts in place checks, balances, and guardrails to maximize the utility’s value with the ultimate goal of protecting customers and taxpayers.
  • Worked to improve education by a 75% expansion of the state’s 4-K program and $1,000 raise for every teacher (in addition to a STEP increase) bringing teacher pay in South Carolina above the Southeast average.

While the legislative session has ended, the legislature will reconvene in September to begin work on redistricting, which is required by law every 10 years in conjunction with the census.

It’s an honor to represent District 108 in the House. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Rep. Lee Hewitt

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