Taxes and regulations
As a small business owner, Lee understands the impact that increased government regulation and taxation can have on a business and its ability to grow and prosper. Lee will fight for small businesses and all taxpayers to not only eliminate unnecessary regulation, but ways to lower taxes.

Traffic congestion continues to worsen by the year. The extension of Highway 31 and widening of Highway 707 into Murrells Inlet and the continued growth in our area will only lead to additional vehicles along Highway 17. Lee will work hard for solutions to lessen these impacts.

Lee will actively work with local and state economic development agencies to not only make sure existing businesses are given the necessary tools to succeed, but will also reach out to potential employers to recruit jobs to District 108.

Lee will work to eliminate wasteful spending in the upper levels of the state school system in order to allow more of our tax dollars to reach our teachers and their classrooms. Lee will work to ensure that we have the best and safest schools for our children.

As someone who grew up exploring the channels of Murrells Inlet and makes a living on a healthy and thriving environment, Lee will always be there to make sure that our natural resources are protected.