Here’s what people are saying about Lee Hewitt:

“I have known Lee Hewitt personally and professionally for over 15 years. He is the right person to represent District 108 for the future. His time as a member and chairman of the county planning commission reflected the thoughtful and pragmatic problem-solving capacity he possesses that our district and state need to move forward. Lee’s conservative fiscal philosophies have allowed him to build a successful business, and those entrepreneurial skill sets and business-efficiencies will be essential both for the district and our state. Please support Lee as the next Republican to represent our great District.”
Dan Stacy – Hewitt for House Campaign Chairman, Pawleys Island

“We urge you to vote for Lee Hewitt for state House! Lee is South Carolina born and raised in the Low Country and has been involved in helping our state grow and bringing jobs to South Carolina. He loves the area that makes up House District 108 and will do a great job as a state House Representative. We ask that you support Lee with your time and money as he prepares to serve you and the Low Country.”
Jim and Joyce Jerow - Past Chairman of Georgetown County Republican Party and State Committeeperson

“It has been my pleasure to know Lee Hewitt for the past 15 years, both socially and through his contributions to our community and our state. I have found Lee to be a man who leads by quiet example and reaches decisions and expresses his opinion only after thoughtful reflection. We will be lucky to have such a man representing us in Columbia!”
Bill Hills- Former Georgetown County Republican Party Executive Committee member, Murrells Inlet

“I have known Lee Hewitt for thirty years, and he has always represented the very best qualities in community involvement and leadership. I have watched with great respect as Lee grew his real estate business while becoming increasingly involved in public affairs. I have observed with admiration his public service on the Georgetown Planning Commission, the Comprehensive Plan Committee, the SC Dept. of Health and Environmental Control and other organizations. In light of Lee’s demonstrated commitment to our state and community, I have no difficulty offering my endorsement for Lee’s candidacy for the SC House of Representatives. Based upon his experience and proven skills he will undoubtedly prove to be a superlative Representative for our community.”
Steve Goggans, Georgetown County Council, District 6, Pawleys Island

“Lee Hewitt is an experienced community leader who will serve the legislative district well in Columbia. I fully support his election to the state House.”
Frank Causey, Murrells Inlet

"I've known Lee Hewitt for over 25 years. I've been so impressed with his efforts as a community leader and his business skills. He is always willing to volunteer to help, whether it's for his church, as a youth coach or for a county or state board. Lee would make a great state Representative."
Al Hitchcock – Owner, Drunken Jack's Restaurant, Murrells Inlet

“Lee Hewitt is a man of great integrity and I have the utmost confidence that he will represent all of District 108 very well. I fully support his election.”
Gray Turner, McClellanville

"I've known Lee Hewitt personally and professionally for at least 20 years. Lee has the skills, knowledge, and personality to be a great state Representative. He's sincere in his beliefs, a great family man, and cares deeply about our community and state. I support his election."
Ronnie Gasque, Murrells Inlet

“I have always been very fond of Lee, as a person and as an astute businessman and yes, I indeed endorse his candidacy. I believe he will be an asset to Murrells Inlet and the Waccamaw Neck and I think he will take a very balanced approach to business, the environment and the local residents. I will support Lee in any way that is helpful. He has my vote.”
Charlie Campbell – Owner, Dead Dog Saloon Restaurant, Murrells Inlet

"We wholeheartedly support Lee Hewitt for state House. He is an outstanding person and respected community leader with great values. Lee will provide very effective leadership for our district in Columbia."
Greg and Gail Lunn, Murrells Inlet

“Having served on the Georgetown County Planning Commission with Lee Hewitt, I know first hand Lee's knowledge of, and deep caring for Georgetown County. During our service together, I was very impressed with his dedication to his family. Lee will carry that same level of dedication for his Georgetown "family" to Columbia. The Waccamaw Neck needs a representative, who knows our unique issues. I am proud to endorse Lee Hewitt for House District 108.”
Glenda Shoulette - Former Georgetown County Planning Commissioner, Litchfield

“I strongly support Lee Hewitt in his campaign to represent the people of House District 108. He understands the issues of this area through many years of involvement with county land use commissions. He is an expert on state health and environmental policies. Lee has a demonstrated record of leadership and service to the community and will serve us very well in the House.”
John Thomas – Georgetown County Councilman, District 1, Litchfield

"Lee Hewitt will bring a lot of needed common sense to Columbia. He is a straight shooter that you can count on to do as he says. Lee will make good decisions and look out for taxpayer's interests. I fully support him."
Judge Bill Moeller (Retired), Murrells Inlet

"Lee Hewitt is the complete package for state Representative. He knows the county planning process from the ground up and how that equates to infrastructure needs. From Lee's service on the Southern Evacuation Life Line highway task force, he understands road needs, particularly the importance of SELL to hurricane evacuations and traffic relief for the Waccamaw Neck. He will be an effective Representative on day one. Lee has my vote."
Jerry Oakley - Former Georgetown County Councilman, Litchfield

"Lee is a distinguished member of our community and has served us well on the County Planning Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals as well as other organizations. He has the experience, knowledge and judgment to very effectively represent the interests of our House District in Columbia. He has my full support."
Brian Shult - Georgetown County Auditor, Pawleys Island

"I will vote for and support Lee Hewitt for state Representative. He's experienced with both local and state government and cares about the community, devoting much of his time volunteering to help others. Lee will be very effective in Columbia."
Whitney Hills, Murrells Inlet

"Lee Hewitt is a successful businessman who knows how to meet a budget and payroll. He will be a strong advocate for taxpayers in the state House, ensuring our money is spent wisely. I urge Lee's election as state Representative."
Chip Abernethy, Pawleys Island

"I support Lee Hewitt for state House. Beyond being a great person, Lee knows how local and state government works and will be very effective in the House. Lee will do a great job for the district."
Ted Quantz - Former Georgetown County Republican Party Executive Committee Member

"Lee Hewitt and I share the same conservative values and I believe he will be a good steward of our tax dollars and an effective Representative in Columbia. Lee has my vote."
Don Thomas, Pawleys Island

“I have known Lee Hewitt for 30 years and have served on various committees with him at the Coastal Carolina Association of Realtors. I have also served with him on the Georgetown County Zoning Board of Appeals. He is an outstanding person and respected businessman who will provide great leadership in the state House for our district. Lee has my support and vote.”
Johnny Weaver, Georgetown County Planning Commissioner, Pawleys Island

"I support Lee Hewitt for state House. He is very experienced with local and state issues and is principled and respected. Lee can accomplish a lot for us in Columbia."
Empie Gasque, Murrells Inlet

"I have known Lee for over 30 years. He has all the qualities you would want in a state Representative. Lee has volunteered his time for many years in the community to improve our quality of life and future. He has good judgment, values, business skills, leadership, and commitment. He has experience in fields that are important to all of us in this district. But family will always be his priority. Lee is my kind of friend and my kind of Representative."
Booty Shelley, Murrells Inlet

"Lee Hewitt will bring a lot of knowledge with him to the state House. From county planning commissioner and board of zoning appeals to state DHEC commissioner, Lee has a broad knowledge of county and state issues. It would be hard to find anyone more qualified. I support Lee's election to the House."
Bob Anderson - Georgetown County Councilman, Pawleys Island

“I worked with Lee Hewitt on the Southern Evacuation Life Line road task force and was impressed with his knowledge and leadership. He has served the county well on the Planning Commission and Appeals Board. Lee will make an outstanding state Representative. He has my support.”
Glen O’Connell – Former Georgetown County Councilman and Republican Party Chairman, Pawleys Island

"Lee Hewitt has a great understanding of local and state issues. He has very good judgment, works hard, and is highly respected. Lee will do a very good job in the state House and has my vote."
Judge Tom Barrineau (Retired), Garden City Beach

"We’ve known Lee Hewitt for many years as a neighbor, friend, and businessman. He is a devoted family man, who greatly cares about our community and state. Lee volunteers his time coaching youth, working to improve the community and in service to the county. He has the utmost honesty and integrity. I cannot think of a better person to represent us in Columbia. Lee has our complete support.”
Kelly and Dexter Dorman – Owners, Lee’s Inlet Kitchen, Murrells Inlet

“After reviewing Lee’s long list of state, civic, and community accomplishments over many years, along with his leadership abilities in the real estate industry, it was obvious that Lee is the best candidate for our district. When elected, Lee will continue to do his utmost in District 108 in the areas of finance, education, and the environment to name a few. It gives me great pleasure to endorse Republican candidate Lee Hewitt for the SC House of Representatives.”
Audrey Adduce – Past Vice President Murrells Inlet VFW Auxiliary, Post 1040

"I support Lee Hewitt. He is a good community and county leader who will do an outstanding job for the district in the state House."
Ron Charlton - Former Georgetown County Councilman

As a local business leader Lee Hewitt has a long history of community and public service giving him a unique perspective on the issues and challenges facing our state. His thoughtful nature, along with his years of business experience, make him a great choice for House Seat 108.
Sandra Bundy, Murrells Inlet

"Lee Hewitt's service on the County Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals and the state DHEC Board have been impressive. He has a great understanding of local and state government. As a successful businessman, who has set and managed budgets, Lee will work hard to cut wasteful spending and manage our tax dollars wisely in the state House."
David Hood - Former Georgetown County Councilman, Pawleys Island

“Lee Hewitt is one of the finest people that I know in this community! Lee will stand strong to do what is in the best interest for the people in the district in which he will serve.”
David Whitlock, Pawleys Island

"Lee Hewitt will serve the district well in Columbia. He's experienced and knows the issues well. Lee's business background is a real plus. He has my support."
Austin Beard - Georgetown County Councilman

“I have known Lee Hewitt since we served together on the County Planning Commission and have the highest regard for his integrity and interest in serving our County in any position he chooses and especially representing us in the S.C. House. He has always been someone who does his homework on issues and already has the experience to fill this position and hit the ground running from the day he is sworn in to our House District seat.”
Joe Young – Former SC House Representative, SC Dept. of Transportation Commissioner and Georgetown County Planning Commissioner

“We couldn't be happier to also endorse Lee Hewitt for House Seat 108. This is a really big deal for our coastal area and the State of South Carolina. I don't get excited about politics anymore, this however made me ecstatic!”
Deborah Beasley

“I can't think of anyone finer than Lee Hewitt to represent us!”
Gary Cooper, Pawleys Island

“Count on me for support and advocacy. You will make a great legislator.”
Dr. Gerry Harmon, Pawleys Island

“Gail and I have known Lee and Whitney Hewitt for nearly 30 years. We know how much Lee has given to our community over the years through his service to Georgetown County and, of late as a member of the SCDHEC Board. Lee will, without question, have an immediate impact as a SC House member due to his personality and demeanor. We look forward to having him as our representative in Columbia.”
Mike Wooten – Former SC Dept. of Transportation Commission Chairman, Murrells Inlet

"I have known Lee Hewitt for about 15 years. I think he will do what is right for our area along the coast, and therefore he has my support in the upcoming elections."
Leon Rice, Murrells Inlet

"Lee Hewitt is exceptionally qualified for the state House. He understands the importance of working cooperatively to improve transportation and the quality of life throughout the Grand Strand area. Lee has great knowledge of the road issues and will be a tremendous asset to the Grand Strand in Columbia."
Mark Lazarus - Former Horry County Council Chairman

“Leadership isn’t something to be taken lightly. It’s not about power or prestige, fame or fortune. Leadership is about serving others. Lee Hewitt is that kind of leader, and I would be proud to have him as my Representative. Lee is committed to our district, and I’m proud to endorse him.”
Rev. Mike Alexander

“Lee Hewitt is a Murrells Inlet native who has given many hours of his life to make our area a better place to live. He has served on many boards that required many hours to help form the community we love. Lee is running for office for the right reasons. He is running, not just for you and me, but also for future generations. I ask you to do like me -- support Lee!”
Jeepy Ford, Georgetown

“Lee Hewitt’s successful business experience and his many years of service on the S.C. Dept. of Health and Environmental Control Board will make him one of the most qualified members of the House of Representatives. He also understands the transportation issues facing our area, and his many friendships in Columbia will greatly benefit our northern coastal region.”
Don Leonard – Former S.C. Transportation Infrastructure Bank Chairman

“It gives me great pleasure to endorse Lee Hewitt for state House Seat 108. Over many years the community has benefitted from Lee’s unselfish efforts as he gave unselfishly of his time in support of making the county a better place to live. We now have the opportunity to take advantage of the significant experience he brings to the table from his untiring years of service on the Planning Board, Board of Appeals, and more recently the Board of DHEC. In addition to his community service, Lee is a successful businessman and realizes the challenges faced by today's small businesses. His conservative values also make him the best choice to represent the district. Please join me in supporting Lee in his bid for state House.”
Mike Adams – Pawleys Island Town Councilman

“Lee Hewitt has been an effective leader on our County Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals. Lee is currently an appointed member of the S.C. Dept. of Health and Environmental Control Board, which includes the Office of Coastal and Resource Management. This Board hugely impacts our coastal environment, and Lee has been a leader in promoting sensible and balanced approaches to coastal rule making. Lee Hewitt understands the important issues we face, and will be an effective advocate for solutions in the state House. He has my full support.”
Bill Otis – Former Pawley Island Mayor

“Lee Hewitt is a very capable leader who understands the importance of education to economic growth and our society. I believe he will very effectively represent our district in Columbia.”
Sarah Elliott – Former Georgetown County School Board Member

"Lee Hewitt would represent our conservative coastal values well in Columbia."
Alan Walters - Former Georgetown County Republican Party Chairman

“I am delighted to hear that Lee Hewitt is running for the S.C. House of Representatives and I endorse his efforts. Lee is a tireless worker, a successful business owner, a civil servant and a friend to law enforcement. As Solicitor for Horry and Georgetown counties, I have called on Lee several times for help on various situations. I can tell you without fail, Lee has never been too busy to help the citizens of the South Strand.”
Jimmy Richardson - Fifteenth Judicial Circuit Solicitor

"Lee Hewitt is the type individual our state needs to step up and serve -- a gentleman of the first degree, with no personal agenda other than to make our state a better place to live and work. And most importantly, Lee will set an example for young folks to follow, play it fair and square in life and give back when you can."
Dr. Phil Render - Myrtle Beach City Councilman

“I am pleased to officially notify you of your endorsement by the NFIB/South Carolina SAFE Trust in your general election. Your knowledge and sensitivity to business issues were key factors in our endorsement...I will encourage our members to actively work for your election and will convey how important your election is to the economic vitality of South Carolina.”
Ben Homeyer - State Director, National Federation of Independent Business

“On behalf of South Carolina’s business community, the Good Government Committee wishes to thank you for your advocacy for economic development and for your service to the Palmetto State. With your continued leadership, we can make South Carolina the best place in the world to live, work, and do business.”
Ted Pitts - South Carolina Good Government Committee

“After careful evaluation of the candidates interviewed in your race, the Candidate Screening Committee and the Board of Directors have determined you are "recommended." Candidates who the Association rates as "recommended" means the candidate received the highest marks compatible with Realtor interests, and we are recommending to our Realtor members they cast their ballot for you in the upcoming election.”
Michael Sally - President, Charleston Trident Association of Realtors

Other endorsers:

Drew Streett

Teasha Bass

Walter McElveen

Brenda Dusenbury

Watson Felder

KC Patel

Kent Lipton

Beau Forshee

Beth Graham

Bobby Streett

Royce King

Mike Poulin

Denise Brown

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John Purcell

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Adelaide Coote

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Judy Lowe

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Debbie Leonard

H.E. "Ki" Thompson, Jr 

David Casey

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Laura Tiller

Neda Loud

Robert Thompson

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David Owens

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Norma Cooler

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Sean English

Jeffery Varn

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Egerton Burroughs

Susan Rovner

Jim Forshaw

Stephanie English

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Norman Clay

Allen Amsler

Ken Jackson

Chad O'Brien

Kenyon Wells