Hewitt Report: Just three days left in legislative session

Hope you had a good weekend.

As we approach the end of this legislative session -- there are just three days left -- I want to update you on several key issues that have been at the forefront of our discussions at the State House.

My bill to outlaw child luring, H.4825, was reported favorably out of the Senate Judiciary Committee with an amendment. It will now go to a conference committee to work out the differences between the House and Senate versions.

This is a bill that passed the House 113 to 0 in February after years of effort and grassroots support that generated over 17,000 petition signatures in favor of this important legislation that will help protect the young from luring and kidnapping.

Last week, significant strides were made with the “Help Not Harm” bill, aimed at regulating gender transition procedures for minors. The Senate passed this bill with amendments that include a provision requiring schools to inform parents if a child uses a name or behaves in a manner inconsistent with their sex. This bill aims to protect minors from irreversible decisions. It now returns to the House for concurrence on the amendments.

The House Judiciary Committee moved forward with S.1, creating a felony offense for fentanyl-induced homicide. This legislation is crucial as we combat the devastating impacts of fentanyl in our communities. The bill differentiates penalties between dealers and individuals sharing fentanyl, reflecting the seriousness of each scenario. I stand behind this bill as it progresses through the legislative process, reinforcing our stance against the opioid crisis.

The House agreed on S.1126, which clarifies voter qualifications in our state constitution, ensuring that only registered citizens can vote. This resolution is essential for maintaining the integrity of our electoral process, and I am pleased to report its progression towards ratification.

Have a good week. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Rep. Lee Hewitt

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