Legislative report

I hope you’re doing well.

The highlight of the legislative week was Gov. Henry McMaster’s State of the State address on Wednesday.

Gov. McMaster set as his priorities improving public education and returning a portion of the budget surplus to taxpayers. I share those priorities.

On the education issue, I’m excited to work with the Governor and am hopeful the Senate will soon pass their own comprehensive education reform bill like the House passed last session. In addition, I also support the Governor’s plan to expand 4-year-old kindergarten programs, increase teacher pay again and freeze higher education tuition rates for in-state students and universities.

Speaking of education, I’m pleased that House Speaker Jay Lucas has proposed H. 4760, which will continue our education reform efforts by reducing the number of state-mandated tests and assessments. This will allow more time in the classrooms for teachers to teach. The bill successfully passed subcommittee and full committee this week.

We’ve made great strides in economic and job growth. The Post & Courier reported yesterday that South Carolina tied with Utah for the lowest unemployment rate in the nation at 2.3 percent, an accomplishment we can all be proud of.

On Friday, I was privileged to participate in the annual Georgetown County Legislative Delegation Breakfast, hosted by the Georgetown County Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by the Coastal Carolina Association of REALTORS. Senators Stephen Goldfinch and Ronnie Sabb and Rep. Carl Anderson and I answered a lot of great questions from a packed house.

My thanks to the chamber and CCAR CEO Laura Crowther, who was moderator, for a great event.

It’s an honor to represent District 108 in the House of Representatives! Please let me know if I can be of assistance.

Rep. Lee Hewitt

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