Legislative report

I hope you’re doing well. Here’s my legislative update for the week.

The focus of the House of Representatives, now and over the next several weeks, is on improving education, reviewing and restructuring the Governor’s powers, and developing a fiscally sound state budget.

On Monday, I was privileged to attend the South Carolina Beach Advocates’ annual meeting on the Isle of Palms. I participated in a panel of legislators to provide the group with a legislative update and outlook for our beaches. My thanks to Senator Stephen Goldfinch and Representatives Joe Bustos and Spenser Wetmore for their participation in the panel.

I very much appreciate the efforts of SC Beach Advocates to educate the public, governmental authorities, and elected officials as to the environmental, economic, and social impact of our beaches and inlets.

Thank you to the frontline workers and healthcare professionals for their hard work and dedication in performing COVID vaccinations.

Here are some recent updates and developments concerning vaccinations:

• As of February 8th, people aged 65+ began receiving the COVID-19 vaccination. Click here to make an appointment.

• On February 10th, 17 CVS Pharmacies throughout the state began offering over 15,000 COVID vaccinations to eligible individuals. Click here for the CVS locations and to make an appointment.

• To date, SC has received 970,250 vaccinations from the Federal government; 548,214 have been given.

On Thursday, Deborah Whelan, a Pawleys Island constituent, was recognized by the Global Alzheimer’s Platform Foundation with the National Citizen Scientist Champion Award for her commitment to Alzheimer’s research. I sponsored a House resolution that passed unanimously honoring Deborah for her very impressive efforts in fighting this terrible disease. Click here for the resolution.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to represent District 108 in the House. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Rep. Lee Hewitt

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