Rep. Hewitt introduces legislation to Opioid Abuse Prevention Committee to expedite regulation of synthetic ‘designer’ opioids


A short video of Rep. Lee Hewitt's introduction last week of a bill to the House Opioid Abuse Prevention Study Committee that would vastly expedite the regulation of synthetic opioids or “designer drugs” by SCDHEC.

Rogue chemists slightly change the chemical structure of these synthetic opioids such that they circumvent drug laws. Currently, when a new unregulated synthetic opioid shows up on the market it takes DHEC at least two weeks to be able to list it as a controlled substance, while in the meantime it continues to be sold legally and subject to abuse.

Lee's bill would allow the DHEC Director to immediately list it as a controlled substance, allowing law enforcement to immediately crack down on its sale. 

Click here for the bill.