I wanted you to know that the filing period for office ended and I’m unopposed going into the November election. I’m so thankful for all of the supporters who made this possible!

The campaign is far from over. Work still needs to be done to ensure a good turnout in November and there is always the possibility of petition or write-in candidates. I’m going to continue reaching out to voters and listening to their concerns. I ask for your continued support and prayers as the reelection campaign moves forward.

The House was back in session last week after an Easter break.

Wednesday, the House overwhelmingly passed a Santee Cooper reform bill to protect ratepayers and prevent another failure like the V.C. Summer nuclear project from happening again. The legislation authorizes the governor to remove at-will all current Santee Cooper board members, shortens the board terms from seven years to four years and creates a nine-member committee to evaluate a sale of the utility.

I’m supportive of the bill, but as someone who represents a district served by Santee-Cooper, I’m concerned there are no requirements that any of the nine-member sale evaluation committee be from the Santee Cooper service area.

On Thursday a bill I cosponsored to protect red drum from overfishing and gigging passed the House. This fishery is very important to recreational and charter fishermen.

A recent SC Dept. of Natural Resources stock assessment of red drum determined the stock is overfished and that current landings are unsustainable. The bill reduces the daily bag limit from three per person to two per person, institutes a boat limit of six fish per day and prohibits gigging red drum. The current size slot limit of 15 to 23 inches remains the same.

Also, on Thursday the House passed legislation I cosponsored, H. 3896, giving counties the same authority as municipalities to put the owner of a public nuisance property on notice requiring clean up. If not corrected on a timely basis, the bill gives counties the authority to clean up the property and place a lien on it for the costs.

In February, the Georgetown County Council unanimously passed a resolution in support of the bill, citing problems with public nuisance properties in the county.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve District 108 in the House. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Rep. Lee Hewitt

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