Dredging Murrells Inlet

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I wanted to make you aware of some important Murrells Inlet dredging projects.

Georgetown County is seeking a permit from the US Army Corp of Engineers for the most extensive dredging project ever for Murrells Inlet and it’s very important that the USACE receive comments about the extreme need for dredging so a permit will be issued.

The project encompasses all of the channels and basins that are used by boaters throughout the inlet. Nearly 16.5 miles of channels would be dredged and 755,000 cubic yards of sediment removed and discharged to a nearshore disposal site off Huntington Beach State Park.


If permitted, this $35 million project would be funded by the state and could start as early as 2025.

Click here then click on “Public Notice and Drawings” to view the permit application.

Not only is inlet dredging badly needed for boating and inlet access, dredging is a recommendation in the Murrells Inlet Watershed Plan as a way to improve marsh and shellfish habitat.

The watershed plan says dredging will “Improve salt water exchange in areas of Murrells Inlet, which have become silted over time. An adequate salt water/freshwater balance can help moderate fecal coliform.”

The deadline for comments on the application is Nov. 30th. Please send comments to Project Manager Nat Ball at [email protected] and reference Permit Application SAC-2020-00449.

I urge you to get comments in as soon as possible.

Additionally, the Murrells Inlet navigation channel maintenance dredging project is set to begin soon. This is a $6.2 million US Army Corp of Engineers project.

A little over 500,000 cubic yards of sand will be removed from the navigation channel and pumped onto the south end of Garden City Beach and the northern part of Huntington Beach State Park.

This map shows in red with cross hatching the areas that will be dredged. The beach areas outlined in green and blue will be re-nourished with the sand.


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