Hewitt: Crossover week report

Good morning. Hope you had a good weekend.

Last Wednesday at 5 pm was the "crossover" deadline for when bills must have passed out of the House and have been sent to the Senate to be considered this year. Bills that didn’t meet the deadline require a 2/3 vote for the House to debate the bill.


The South Carolina Energy Security Act, which I cosponsored, is making rapid progress in the Senate, being passed out of the Judiciary Committee this week. This bill is a comprehensive strategy to ensure our state's energy future is robust and reliable, integrating new gas generation facilities and supporting a diverse energy mix to meet our growing needs.

H.4187, a vital measure to curb organized retail theft, passed the House on Wednesday. This legislation recognizes coordinated theft as a serious felony, reflecting its impact on our communities. Under this bill, involvement in organized retail crime could lead to significant penalties, enhancing security and deterring crime in our retail environments.

In our ongoing commitment to transparency, the House passed H.4622 on Wednesday, ensuring that healthcare providers must provide patients with an itemized bill in plain language within 30 days. This initiative, aimed at demystifying healthcare costs, will empower patients with clear information about the financial aspects of their care.

The Farmers Protection Act, passed by the House, swiftly moved through the Senate Agriculture Committee this week. This legislation protects our farmers from discriminatory financial practices based on environmental policies, ensuring that our agricultural sector remains vibrant and unimpeded by undue restrictions.

There are just four weeks left in the legislative session, we are at a crucial juncture in this session.

As the Senate considers critical bills passed by the House, we are also preparing to reconcile differences in the state budget to finalize our fiscal plans for the coming year. These discussions are pivotal in shaping a prosperous future for South Carolina.

I’m honored to represent District 108 in the House. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Rep. Lee Hewitt

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