A new legislative session starts

Happy New Year! I hope you’re doing well.

The House of Representatives session began last Tuesday and I wanted to give you an update.

I’m honored to again serve on the coveted Ways and Means Committee, now as chairman of the Property Tax Subcommittee and as a member of the Healthcare Budget Subcommittee.

I’m also honored to again serve in the House leadership as a Majority Whip.

Last Wednesday, I joined the entire General Assembly as we led the procession down the State House steps to witness Gov. Henry McMaster, Lt. Gov. Pamela Evette, and our Constitutional Officers being sworn in for the next four years.

Gov. McMaster’s Inaugural address commended the General Assembly for passing the largest income tax cut in state history last year, appropriating over $1.5 billion for new infrastructure needs around the state, and ensuring we saved our budget surplus so that we now have the largest rainy-day reserve fund balance in state history.

Gov. McMaster outlined a bold vision that focuses on education, properly funding law enforcement, and making sure the process of electing judges is transparent and accountable.

I look forward to working hand in hand with the Governor in making South Carolina a better and safer place to live and to raise a family.

I believe that the success of our state is dependent on these five pillars of the House Republican Caucus’ agenda for this legislative session:

*Improve Statewide Economic Development to Ensure Prosperity
*Reform our Education System so Students are Better Prepared for the Workforce
*Limit Government by Implementing Fiscal Discipline and Responsibility
*Increase Personal Freedom and Encourage Conservative Values
*Prioritize Public Safety and make Law and Order a Top Priority

I’m committed to introducing and supporting legislation that focuses on each of these pillars.

Last month I was privileged to be awarded House Legislator of the Year by the SC Farm Bureau.

It was an honor to receive this award. I grew up in rural South Carolina in a farming family and understand the importance of farms and agriculture to our state. Click here for my video acceptance speech.

My wife Whitney and I were honored to be in Washington, DC earlier this month for Congressman Russell Fry’s swearing in ceremony. I’m so proud of Russell. He'll be a great Congressman.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to represent District 108 in the House. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Rep. Lee Hewitt

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